Wednesday, August 4, 2010

PB's Favorite Brands

I've been into streetwear for around 2 years now, almost as long as I have been collecting.

First up is Mishka NYC. A pretty big streetwear name based out of Brooklyn, NY. Gotta love their cartoonistic evil designs. Its like a comic book meeting grunge. They have attitude like no one else. Each season their is a different motto that the clothing revolves around.

Official website:

My favorite design by them is their "Death Adder"

Their most popular items are probably their New Eras and snapbacks. My personal pick are snapbacks over New Eras. What do ya'll like better? (yes I say ya'll, it's a Texas thang).

Next up is The Hundreds. An original California streetwear company, which you can tell by their fun colorful clothing. The Hundreds truly got me into the whole streetwear culture. When I first saw their stuff, back in the summer of '08, I never thought I'd be spending 30+ dollars on a T-Shirt. Oh boy, was I wrong. I read the blog every day, check it even twice to see when the feed updates. To be honest each season gets worse and worse.... sorry bobby but you gotta pick up the design work. The T-Shirts aren't as good as they used to be. But what keeps them alive is their signature "Adam Bomb"

Official website:

Another one of my favorite things they have done is their collaboration with Disney about two or three years ago. All of the streetwear companies attempted to do something with Disney after this giant step in the streetwear culture.

Of course we can't leave out Supreme NYC. A skateshop started in the 90's that became notorious for their "Box Logo". Such a simple thing that can cause such hype. I truly believe Supreme is responsible for hypebeasts.... like me. I'm not going to ignore my hypebeast-ness (if that is even a word) because I go crazy over anything that says supreme. How can something so simple be so amazing? It's the story behind it.

Official website:

10.Deep has really been stepping their game up. They have such a variety of clothing anyone can rock it. From the little nerdy sneakerheads (aka me) to the true OG's. I love their use of raw materials like the denim on the shirts. The mix matching of patterns is eye catching yet classy. I like 10.Deep because it is a little classier than most streetwear companies but they still K.I.C (Keep It Chill) and yes.... I just made that up.

Official website:

My favorite little detail, besides the knuckle logo, is featured on their T-Shirts. On every T-Shirt there is something on the back. Whether it be a 10.Deep on the back in a vibrant yellow, or just a little 10 on the bottom right corner, it makes the shirt interesting.

So those are my top 4 streetwear brands at this moment! Thanks for reading and make sure to follow me for more streetwear culture, sneaker culture, photography, music, and random stuff I find interesting!

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